We're looking back on an exciting and insightful JavaLand 2024! My colleague Boris Fresow and I had the pleasure of leading an introductory workshop on Apache Kafka for Java Developers.

It was a great experience for us as trainers: The technology held up against both requirements and uncertainties, the organization was always available and responded superbly to inquiries, and - most importantly - our 30 participants were able not only to learn the basics of Apache Kafka but also to delve deeper into the subject through practical exercises.

Technology Landscape: Kafka Components (slides teaser)

To share our knowledge further, we are now making the materials from our 1-day workshop available to all interested parties. Although the audio track is missing, the documents and exercises provide a good initial insight into the topic.

Are you interested in more advanced training or have specific requirements? Feel free to contact us directly! We look forward to meeting you and learning more about your needs.

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I'm an independent freelance IT consultant, a well-known expert for Apache Kafka and Apache Solr, software architect (iSAQB certified) and trainer.

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